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  • Buying A Diamond? Opt For Its More Affordable, Identical Twin


    Did you know that cubic zirconia is a very versatile material that can be used in many ways to replace or enhance diamond jewelry? Whether you’re looking for an engagement ring, wedding band, anniversary gift or simply another rock to add to your collection, cubic zirconia is a stunning yet affordable option many women and couples opt for instead of spending a fortune on diamonds. 

    You Won't Be Able To See A Difference.

    Unless you are a gemologist or jeweler, it is highly unlikely that you’ll be able to tell the difference between cubic zirconia and a diamond. Even highly trained professionals often need more than an inspection with the naked eye to tell the difference and will need to conduct several tests to determine the authenticity of the stone. 

    It’s Cheaper.

    Let’s face it, in a struggling economy it can be difficult to afford to purchase a wedding band, engagement ring, anniversary gift or another piece of jewelry to treat yourself or someone you love. Jewelry is often the last item on our list of things we “need” to buy when prioritizing our finances. Luckily, you can still afford the stunning jewelry you see celebrities wearing, without breaking your bank. For as little as one-tenth of the price of a real diamond, you could have a piece of jewelry with a CZ stone that sparkles just as radiantly as the real thing.

    It’s More Radiant.

    If you compare a diamond and a cubic zirconia stone side-by-side, you’ll notice that the cubic zirconia is actually more appealing at first glance to look at.  The quality of cubic zirconia stones, as well as their brightness, is actually much higher than the average diamond. An actual diamond is just a slight bit harder on the MOH scale than cubic zirconia but in general, most materials will not cause scratches to the cubic zirconia.

    If It Goes Out Of Style, You Can Replace It.

    Have you ever bought that sweater you thought would work perfectly in your wardrobe only to end up wearing it a few times before it went out of season? If so, you’ll know exactly what we mean with this point. Often times, we choose our clothing and accessories based on what’s “hot” or in style that season and this applies with our jewelry and even many wedding ring styles, that go out of style or we simply just don’t like that much anymore.

    Whether the cut of the stone or the type of metal used in the ring or jewelry, it’s highly unlikely that you’d replace any piece that you’ve spent thousands of dollars on. With cubic zirconia, you can replace the ring once a diamond can be afforded or you can easily decide to get a different style and size without breaking the back all over again. Styles change and sometimes our preferences do too, so why spend a fortune on a diamond if you’re planning to replace it within the next few years?

    Where To Buy

    If you are looking for the perfect engagement, wedding, anniversary or other special or jewelry, for you or your loved one, consider the benefits and affordability of a cubic zirconia diamond or gemstone instead.

    At Cubic Zirconia Platinum Jewelry we can customize any ring to suit your style, desire and budget. Please contact us with any questions or to customize one of our styles with any center stone you like 888-884-2442. 

  • Chic Cubic Zirconia Platinum Jewelry Styles for Spring 2014

    As the weather warms and spring takes full bloom, we're staying up-to-date on the latest diamond trends and jewelry styles to hit the Spring Runways. We do all the hard work for you so, look no further! Cubic Zirconia Platinum Jewelry regularly introduces the hottest pieces inspired by the latest Hollywood engagement ring or wedding band perfect for this spring season.

    Stay on top of the latest trends by browsing through our newest arrivals. Our extensive collection of platinum and CZ rings offers engagement rings, cocktail rings, wedding ring sets, and fun fashion must-haves. Our gorgeous and glittering designs will take your breath away - and no one but you will know that they aren’t real!

    Cubic Zirconia Platinum Jewelry Styles for Spring 2014:

    Diamond Simulated 5 Carat Radiant Platinum Ring – $1,589.00

    Diamond Simulated 5 Carat Radiant Platinum Ring

    Ladies simulated 5 carat Radiant Cut Platinum Engagement Ring, perfect as an elegant bridal ring with an AAA high quality. This eye catching cubic zirconia engagement ring is showcasing a 5.0 carat AAA high quality, IGI certified Radiant cut center stone. The Radiant cut cubic zirconia is set in double prongs in a halo setting. The halo is topped with small round cubic zirconia stones in share prong setting.

    3 Stone Oval Cubic Zirconia Platinum Ring and Band - $1,799.00

    3 Stone Oval Cubic Zirconia Platinum Ring and Band

    Another new arrival this spring is the 3 Stone Oval cubic zirconia ring and band. The ring and fitted curved wedding band are made in solid Platinum. The 3-carat oval center stone has AAA high quality and is IGI certified. This is set makes the perfect wedding or anniversary band with a classic style that will be cherished for years!

    1.75 Carat Round AAA Quality Cubic Zirconia Matching Engagement Set - $999.00

    1.75 Carat Round AAA Quality Cubic Zirconia Matching Engagement Set

    Another must-have this season has recently become one of our most popular items. This striking matching band with a high polished solid shank, a high quality round cubic zirconia center stone, princess cut cubic zirconias in a channel setting on each side.

    2.5 Round Cubic Zirconia Tiffany Platinum Solitaire Ring - $815.00

    2.5 Round Cubic Zirconia Tiffany Platinum Solitaire Ring

    We are having a promotion this month to celebrate the start of spring and our loyal customers! Our 2.5 round cubic zirconia tiffany platinum solitaire ring is on sale for only $815.00. This elegant solitaire ring is topped with an AAA high quality round stone in 6-prong tiffany style setting and makes the perfect compliment to any of this spring’s styles.

    2.25 Carat Round Cubic Zirconia Platinum Ring - $2,899.00

    2.25 Carat Round Cubic Zirconia Platinum Ring

    Last but not least, this seasons “show-stopper.” We are featuring this gorgeous 2.25-carat brilliant round cubic zirconia engagement ring with an AAA high quality and IGI certified. This stunning engagement ring showcases  2 cabochon cut Turquoise stones in bezel setting in the front and the back view of the ring. The round center stone is set in 4-prong setting that is topped with small pave set stones. The 8mm shank is jeweled with 175 round stones in hand set pave setting.


    To see more of our latest spring trends, visit our newest arrivals page to try one on for size, you won't be disappointed, we guarantee it. Please contact us with any questions or to customize one of our styles with any center stone you like 888-884-2442.

  • A Brief History Of Blood Diamonds [Infographic]

    The vast natural resources of sub-Saharan Africa would normally be seen as a blessing and an indicator of potential prosperity, but the truth is in fact far less hopeful. In the decades since gaining independence from their respective European colonial empires in mid to late twentieth century, many new African nations have struggled to maintain peace and stability leading to a new post-colonial era of near constant warfare, pervasive poverty, societal turmoil.

    Not surprisingly, much of this chronic conflict and instability involves controlling access to the continent's enormous riches, notably diamonds. In countries such as Angola, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Liberia, and Sierra Leone, numerous armed rebel groups have attempted to seize power sparking several bloody and devastating civil wars. Both governments and rebels began to capitalize on the huge foreign demand for diamonds to fund their efforts by brutally monopolizing the diamond trade in the areas they controlled.

    Increased public awareness surrounding inhumane practices within the diamond trade has led more consumers to purchase high-end cubic zirconia as an alternative to blood diamonds.

    Conflict diamonds have a violent history and continue to be one of the biggest lethal luxuries in the world.  As governments around the world attempt to prevent these diamonds from entering trade through the Kimberley Process, more often than not, illegal diamonds still slip through the cracks.  When diamonds make their way to manufacturers, warlords are able to continue campaigns of exploitation and terror in their African nation.

    (Note: Cubic Zirconia is undoubtedly the best diamond simulate available today. None of the diamonds you see in our fashionable jewelry designs are "blood diamonds". In fact, CZ Platinum Jewelry is made in the U.S.A in our own Los Angeles workshop, in the heart of the jewelry district.)


    Infographic created by

  • How Are Cubic Zirconia Gemstones Created?


    Cubic Zirconia has been the largest competitor to the diamond ever since it was brought to life 1976.  Today, we employ proprietary technology to create beautiful cubic zirconia jewelry and rings through sophisticated software, hardware and an artist’s touch.

    With our process, we are able to design custom rings or take an image provided to us and re-create it straight from our computers.

    Cubic Zirconia is the perfect substitute for diamonds because these stones are cubic in their crystal formation, similar to a natural diamond.  Typically, cubic zirconia is produced from an element known as zirconium oxide through the transfer of heat waves. Then, calcium or yttrium is added to cubic zirconia and heated again, causing the crystals to grow.

    After the zirconium oxide has been heated to extreme temperatures, it is then cooled causing the material to form it’s own “crucible.” This method of growing crystals is known as the “skull melt” due to the technology used to melt the elements.  Below is an illustration of the "skull,” a hollow-walled copper cup that is used to heat zirconium oxide: 


    There are six main steps that take place in order for the crystal to begin to form:

    1.   First, we circulate water through the hollow walls of the skull to cool the inside walls of the device. Then we fill the cup with powdered zirconium oxide and calcium (or yttrium).  The ingredients and heated by radio frequency induction until the powders melt into a liquid. Because the water cools the walls of the skull, the powdered materials next to the walls do not melt, and the molten material is contained within a shell of unmelted material, which is known as the “skull.”

    2.   Due to the interior heating, the outer edges of the molten material will remain cool and create a crust.  At this point, we remove the source of heat and let the materials cool down.  This allows crystals to being to form by a process known as nucleation.  The crystals continue to grow until the entire melt solidifies.

    3.   Once cooling is complete there is a cubic zirconia crystal within the outer skull.  Crystals grown using this system can vary in size, depending on the number of nucleations.   Every single skull yields about 2.205 lb (1 kg) of material per cycle.  After the skull method of heating has been completed the main crystal must be cut and faceted.  Here is what cubic zirconia looks like before it is cut:


    4.   During the cutting stage a variety of shapes, cuts, and colors can be implemented. First, the stone is marked to indicate cleavage planes and then cleaved to give initial shape to the stone. Precision programmable machines are used to cut stones to the predetermined measurement (called calibration), so that every stone can be produced in the same size, shape, and depth.

    5.   Next, the corners of the stone are rounded off in a process known as ‘bruting.’  This is accomplished using a machine equipped with a diamond tool called a sharp.  Then the stone is faceted using a cutting wheel made of cast iron. Polishing follows a secondary faceting operation.

    6.   The final step consists of a thorough cleaning of the stone.  We boil it in a special acid to remove all traces of oil, dirt, and diamond powder. Then the stones are inspected under a microscope and are scrutinized to meet extensive characteristics in order to be released form the production department.

    After the stone has gone through quality control, it is set in your choice of platinum or gold setting and packaged to ship.  Check out the video below for a preview of how we cast, model and mold your ring or jewelry settings for these cubic zirconia beauties.

    To read about our Manufacturing Process in more detail, please visit our education center on our website or contact Chic Jewelry with any questions or design inquiries you may have. 

  • What To Do If You Lose Your Diamond Engagement Ring?


    Newly engaged couples have been warned to protect their investment after research has found that one in every three women lose their engagement ring. 

    Did you know that thirty-three percent of women who are engaged or married have confessed to losing their diamond engagement or wedding ring?

    In a recent poll from Allianz Insurance, which surveyed 1000 women, it was further revealed that 1 in every 3 women don’t have their engagement rings insured. 

    Although many excuses can attempt to justify this kind of mishap, the most common reason women tend to lose their engagement rings can be attributed to it falling off while showering, washing dishes or gardening, being accidentally tossed out in the trash, or unintentionally lost on vacation or at the gym.

    Some have even confessed to more unusual rationalizations behind the loss of a diamond ring such as, “the dog ate it,” or “my kid flushed it down the toilet.”

    Why Diamonds Are A Waste of Money?

    For many years it has been understood that in our modern Western society, when a man asks a woman to marry him he is expected to give her a diamond engagement ring.


    But, next time you look at a diamond, consider this. Nearly every American marriage begins with a diamond because a bunch of rich white men, also known as De Beers Diamonds, convinced everyone in the 1940s that its size determines your self worth. They created this convention - that unless a man purchases (an intrinsically useless) diamond, his life is a failure.  Prior to this stunningly successful marketing campaign in 1938, Americans rarely exchanged engagement rings.

    Engagement rings are a huge expense.  Even lower quality and smaller diamonds can cost thousands of dollars, and for many couples, that expense simply is not possible.  The idea of spending three months salary on an engagement ring may be absolutely impossible and irresponsible for some people.  This is why cubic zirconia engagement rings make such a great choice.  They are just as beautiful as diamonds, and are much less expensive.  

    Many couples also consider the debt they may fall victim to by choosing to purchase an outrageously overpriced diamond and instead choose to save money to start building a future together, put a down payment on their first home, or save up for a dream honeymoon instead. 

    Aside from the fact that the $10,000 diamond ring you were eyeing may in fact be a conflict diamond, you also risk the chance of losing or misplacing this costly asset somewhere down the line, as many women do nowadays.

    If you are in the market for an engagement ring, here are some points you should consider before wasting your money on a diamond and why you should opt for cubic zirconia instead. 

    Alternatives To Diamond Engagement Rings

    High quality cubic zirconia engagement rings are durable and affordable. There’s very little noticeable difference between a cubic zirconia engagement ring and a diamond engagement ring. The only real difference between the two is that cubic zirconia is significantly more affordable, allowing you and your partner to feel at ease in case something bad where to happen to the ring. 

    With the average engagement ring now costing around $4,000, replacing a lost or stolen ring can put a substantial dent in any budget. According to Farmers Insurance, the cost of claims for repairing and replacing diamond jewelry has increased by a third since 2006.

    More Cubic Zirconia Benefits

    • Cubic zirconia engagement rings come in a variety of colors. You can have a ring in just about any color imaginable. If color isn’t your thing, you can choose to have a perfectly colorless ring. And that isn’t always easy to do with natural diamonds.
    • Cubic zirconia engagement rings are perfect or nearly perfect. It’s uncommon to find a flaw in a cubic zirconia ring diamond. On the other hand, natural diamonds have flaws that are known as inclusions. Cracks, hairlines, and feathers are usually present in even the most expensive natural diamonds.
    • For very open and revealing cuts, such as a cushion cut or an emerald cut, a high quality and well cut cubic zirconia stone will look better than a lower quality diamond.

    If you are looking for the perfect engagement or wedding ring for your loved one, consider the benefits and affordability of a cubic zirconia diamond or gemstone instead.  At Cubic Zirconia Platinum Jewelry we can customize any ring to suit your style, desire and budget. Please contact us with any questions or to customize one of our styles with any center stone you like 888-884-2442.

  • How To Pick Jewelry That Suits You


    When investing in an expensive and sentimental piece of jewelry that you are going to wear every day, you need to ensure that what you are purchasing really does suit you. What ‘suits’ you, in terms of jewelry, is based on a few different things including skin tone and face shape.

    Many people just choose to wear the jewelry colour that they like or have worn for all their life, as opposed to thinking about what actually complements their overall look.

    Skin tone

    First of all, in order to determine which coloured jewelry suits you, you need to identify your skin tone – you can do this by finding a part of your body where your veins are visible. By looking at the colour of your veins, you will be able to determine which type your skin tone is… cool or warm. If your veins are a blue-based colour then you are cool; if your veins are a green-based colour then you are warm.


        • Cool skin tones will notice pink/reddish undertones to their skin, meaning they tend to suit metals such as silver, platinum and white cold.
        • Warm skin tones will notice yellow/golden apricot undertones to their skin, meaning they tend to suit metals such as gold, pewter, brass and copper.


        • In terms of stones and colours, cool skin tones will suit diamonds, white pearls and jewel tones such as pinks, purples, blues, reds, and magentas.
        • Warm skin tones will suit stones such as coral or golden toned pearls and more earthy tones such as browns, oranges, greens, yellows, peaches, corals, and also turquoises.

    Face Shape

    You can choose which shape your face is by looking in the mirror and choosing from the following options.


        • Heart/diamond/inverted triangle shaped face: Choose dangle or drop earrings, as they help to lengthen the face
        • Round/square/triangular shaped face: Square faces particularly suit teardrop earrings. Elongated shapes such as ovals and angular shapes such as rectangles also suit these face shapes
        • Rectangular/oblong shaped face: Longer faces suit shorter and rounder earrings as they provide a good contrast
        • Oval shaped face: Angular, dangle earrings (that aren’t too long) suit this face shape


        • Heart/diamond/inverted triangle shaped face: Chokers provide a good contrast as they will help soften the sharp angle of the chin
        • Round/square/triangular shaped face: Necklaces that extend below the neckline, typically measuring between 28" and 32", will elongate your face
        • Rectangular/oblong shaped face: Again, chokers are great for this face shape, especially if you have a long neck
        • Oval shaped face: This face shape can wear either long or short necklaces, although with a long neck, you should chose a shorter necklace

    Author Bio: Becky is a stylist and has to pick accessories that suit her clients perfectly. 

  • Conflict-Free Cubic Zirconia: A Girl’s New Best Friend

    Are diamonds really a girls best friend?

    For over the last century, the perception of diamonds has become fraught with ethical concerns symbolizing a legacy of violence and war. Many consumers have chosen not to support the conflict-ridden diamond industry and instead favor cubic zirconia as an affordable alternative that is 100% conflict-free and environmentally moral.

    If you aren’t familiar with the term “blood diamond,” you should be, especially if you happen to be in the market for any diamond jewelry.

    A blood or conflict diamond is a diamond that was smuggled out of an alluvial deposit or mined in an unsafe way and used to support a civil war, act of terror, or any other type of violence.  In fact, two-thirds of the world’s natural diamonds originate from western African countries like Sierra Leone, Liberia, The Congo and Angola, all of which have become known for diamonds that are mined in war zones.  There, non-government cartels amputate limbs, enslave children, and terrorize local populations to control diamond mines.  The prices of these diamonds are also controlled by diamond cartels and often times fail to reflect the true value of the diamond. For this reason, people find themselves paying up to 40% more than what they should, primarily on purchases for diamond engagement rings.

    Many revolutionary movements and terrorist organizations finance their activities with these diamonds because they are small, valuable, and difficult to trace once they have entered the supply chain. According to the Global Policy Forum, conflict diamonds date back to the early 1900s when European entrepreneurs gained control of diamond mines by instigating wars between African tribes. Today, over a hundred years later, diamonds are still affecting the lives of hundreds of thousands of people throughout Africa.

    In last few years, and ever since the release of Edward Zwick’s 2006 Blood Diamond, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, more consumers have sought ethical alternatives to fulfill their diamond desires.  While many people have perceived cubic zirconia as a low-cost alternative to a diamond, today many of Hollywood’s glamorous actresses including Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow have been shown sporting around beautiful cubic zirconia diamonds in order to raise awareness that they are a viable and safe alternative to purchasing real diamonds. Cubic zirconia offers an affordable option to avoid the ethical issues present in diamond purchases and is the only way to be 100% positive that no one had to die in order for you to have your dazzling jewels.

    Although many activists argue that consumers should boycott diamonds altogether to eliminate the market of stones with a questionable provenance, the diamond industry has also responded to consumer concerns with several self-regulating measures.

    In 2003, the government-run Kimberley Process Certification Scheme was launched to stop the trade in conflict diamonds. Over 70 governments taking part in the process agreed to support the Kimberley Process by tracking diamonds from mines all the way to retail stores – this is generally referred to as the “system of warranties” or the “system of self regulation.” However, the system isn’t fully implemented and even with the increased public and industries’ awareness of conflict diamonds, many buyers find that they cannot be guaranteed that their diamond purchase is conflict-free since the origins are often unknown.

    If you are looking to purchase a natural mined diamond, be sure the company or retailer has a policy in place to ensure their diamonds are conflict-free and originate from Canada or Australia, where both have entered into certification schemes with their local diamond producers to create a supply of cruelty free diamonds that come with certificates to assure consumers.

    Investing in cubic zirconia jewelry rather than actual diamonds is the only way to be 100% positive that no one had to die in order for you to have your beautiful crystal jewels.

    Cubic Zirconia CZ Platinum Jewelry offers the latest designs in high fashion and everyday wear jewelry with an extensive collection of hottest pieces of the moment. We will happily customize the design of our styles to meet any needs. Please don't hesitate to contact us with your custom orders, questions or comments.

  • How To Clean Cubic Zirconia Jewelry | Part II –Cubic Zirconia Care


    Just like diamonds, cubic zirconia jewelry can appear dull over time with the build-up of lotions, perfume, hairspray, perspiration, or just simply, normal everyday wear.  Cubic zirconia stones not only posses many of the same traits as diamonds, but they also requires similar upkeep and maintenance to preserve luster.  Cleaning cubic zirconia jewelry regularly can keep your jewelry looking brilliant and sparkling forever. 

    Cubic zirconia stones set in platinum or gold can be cleaned professionally if desired, but they can also be easily cleaned at home. 

    You will need the following items in order to properly clean your cubic zirconia stone, whether it is set on a ring, necklace, bracelet or earrings:

    • A small saucepan (and a stove)
    • Distilled water
    • Spoon
    • Paper towel
    • Old Toothbrush
    • Toothpaste
    • Polishing cloth (comes with every piece ordered at Cubic Zirconia Platinum Jewelry)
    • Hair dryer

    Cubic Zirconia Jewelry Cleaning Instructions

    1. Take your CZ jewelry, place inside of the saucepan and fill water to cover the jewelry entirely.
    2. Bring the water to a boil over the stove and wait another minute to minute and thirty seconds after water has come to a boil.  This step ensures that tiny residue particles from lotions, perfumes and daily wear will be loosened off the piece due to the ‘vibrations’ that occur during the boiling process.
    3. Turn the heat off, carefully remove jewelry from pot with spoon (or another metal utensil) and wait for the jewelry to cool off.
    4. Next, apply some toothpaste on the toothbrush and gently scrub the CZ jewelry in small concentric motions allowing any remaining residue stuck inside of the prongs of the piece to be removed.
    5. Rinse off the toothpaste with warm water.
    6. Use the hairdryer to dry your CZ jewelry to prevent watermarks from permanently staining the piece.
    7. Polish and buff the piece using the polishing cloth. Pay special attention NOT to use circular motions at this point, as this can scratch your jewelry.

    Use the video below as a guide to help you when clean your cubic zirconia jewelry at home. 


    To keep your cubic zirconia jewelry clean and sparkling, remember to remove the jewelry before applying lotions or other beauty products. It is also best to remove the jewelry while exercising, because perspiration can transfer oils from your skin and make a CZ look dull.

    If you have any questions or would like more information on cleaning or caring for your cubic zirconia jewelry, please call us at 888-884-2442 or email us at Stay tuned and subscribe to our blog to receive monthly tips about cleaning and maintaining your CZ jewels or visit our website for more information about proper CZ jewelry care.

  • Tips For Purchasing Cubic Zirconia Jewelry – Remember The Four C’s


    Cubic zirconia (CZ) stones come in in endless array of shapes, colors and sizes.  Cubic zirconia itself is a man-made substance that can be manufactured to resemble just about any precious gemstone at a fraction of the cost. You can have a cubic zirconia that sparkles like a diamond, shines like a ruby, or gleams like an emerald without spending a fortune. Yet even with its variety, most consumers know very little about the cubic zirconia stones it has become a common misconception that all CZ stones are the same. However, just like a diamond, there are a number of quality levels, and a range of price points for these beautiful replicas.

    We refer to the '4 Cs' to symbolize the four main variables that are used to calculate the quality and value of a diamond. Both genuine and cubic zirconia diamonds are separated and graded based on these four characteristics. 

    As a consumer, your first step in shopping for a quality cubic zirconia diamond should be to learn and understand the '4 Cs' diamond grading system: 


    Cubic zirconia are faceted in the same manner as diamonds. There are a variety of cuts that are used for different shapes, and the skill of the stonecutter is paramount to the final appearance of the stone.  Most diamonds are cut round with a full 58 facets, and a good cut, or make, has more scintillation, more sparkle. It is the work of a master cutter that allows the diamond to be cut in such a way as to permit the maximum amount of light to be reflected through the diamond, and that's a great reflection on you. It is the cut facets that bring out the best features of each stone and enables a diamond to make the best use of light.


    During the manufacturing process, a stone can develop cloudiness that is a visual imperfection. Just like a diamond, the clearer the stone appears, the greater value it has.  Most cubic zirconia is virtually flawless and equivalent to Grade F on the Diamond Clarity Chart. The CZ stones tend to be sparkling clear and probably won't contain any flaws in them like you would a see in a diamond.


    Both real and cubic zirconia diamonds or gemstone's "Carat" designation is a measurement of both the size and weight of the stone. One "Carat" is a unit of mass that is equal to 0.2 grams (200 milligrams or 3.086 grains) or 0.007 ounce.  The larger the stone, the more valuable it will be. However, two identical looking carat cubic zirconia stones may have different values because of the differences in clarity, cut and color. Therefore, carat weight does not tell you much about the cubic zirconia’s’ values unless the other 3Cs are taken into consideration. However, cubic zirconia is typically much more dense than a natural diamond making it heavier by volume (by as much as 75% heavier). Standard carat sizes range from 0.25 to 3.00 carats.


    Color is the final characteristic that determines the ultimate value of cubic zirconia jewelry.  Usually, CZ stones are rated like a diamond for clearness or lack of color. The quality of the materials used in the manufacturing process can affect the colorless aspect of the stone, so a truly clear gem is rated higher than one that has any tinge of color. Although many CZ stones are White and resembling the Colorless Grades of Diamonds and equivalent to a perfect "D" on the color grading scale of diamonds, many prefer colored cubic zirconia instead. Cubic Zirconia gems and stones can be manufactured in a variety of different colors like: pink, lavender, violet, green, aqua, champagne, and yellow

    Looking beautiful without spending a fortune has never been easier, just remember theses 4 C’s: cut, clarity, carat, and color when purchasing your cubic zirconia in order to get the highest quality stone.  A high-end cubic zirconia diamond is one that is cut to perfect proportions, is internally flawless, and has rich, fiery color. A cubic zirconia with these qualities will exhibit amazing fire and brilliance, and will not lose its luster over time. 

  • New Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring Designs

    Cubic Zirconia Platinum Jewelry introduces two new cubic zirconia engagement rings designs available now. 

    Looking for the latest styles and trends in diamond jewelry?  Look no further.  Cubic Zirconia Platinum Jewelry regularly introduces the hottest pieces inspired by the latest Hollywood engagement ring or wedding band.  Stay on top of the latest trends by browsing through our newest arrivals. Our extensive collection of platinum and CZ rings offers engagement rings, cocktail rings, wedding ring sets, and fun fashion must-haves. Our gorgeous and glittering designs will take your breath away - and no one but you will know that they aren’t real!

    Diamond Simulated 1 carat CZ Platinum Engagement Ring– $1,899.00

    Diamond Simulated 1 carat CZ Platinum Engagement Ring

    Ladies simulated diamond engagement ring made in a solid platinum mounting, perfect as an elegant bridal ring with an AAA high quality. The halo style center gemstone is an IGI certified 1 carat round center stone set in a 4-prong Tiffany setting.  The side stones are set in a French pave style. The ring’s solid platinum setting has a stamp of PLAT 950, which is the highest grade of platinum used in jewelry manufacturing.


    This ring is also available in a 14k white gold mounting for $1,199.00. This Diamond Simulated 1 carat CZ Engagement Ring is rated high quality AAA and has an IGI certified 1 carat round center stone. The white gold mounting is Rhodium plated for enhanced rich color and durability.


    High Quality Cubic Zirconia Platinum Engagement Ring Set - $3025.00

    High Quality Cubic Zirconia Platinum Engagement Ring Set

    Another new arrival this spring is the 1 carat CZ platinum engagement ring set.  This Halo style engagement ring set features a 1 carat Round cubic zirconia ring and a matching wedding band made in solid platinum mounting and has a stamp of PLAT 950. This elegant matching set has an AAA high quality and has an IGI certified 1 carat round center stone set in a 4-prong Tiffany setting. The side stones on both rings are set in French pave style.

    high end 1 carat CZ Engagement Ring Set

     This set is also available in in solid 14k White gold mounting and has a stamp of 14k.  This high end 1 carat CZ Engagement Ring Set for 1,799.00 features a halo-style round cubic zirconia engagement ring and a matching wedding band with an AAA high quality and an IGI certified 1 carat round center stone.  The white gold is also electroplated in Rhodium for enhanced rich color and durability.

    To see more of our latest spring trends, visit our newest arrivals page to try one on for size, you won't be disappointed, we guarantee it. Please contact us with any questions or to customize one of our styles with any center stone you like 888-884-2442.

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